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A real craft soap made from only 100% Swedish tallow from grass-grazing animals.


  • A fantastic creamy lather
  • Only 1 ingredient - Swedish organic beef tallow
  • Ideal for sensitive and dry skin
  • Also for face washing

The soap is very mild and without added fragrance. It suits all skin types and leaves your skin with a feeling of softness. Together with only distilled water and lye, our tallow soap has matured for weeks and created a fantastic moisturizing natural glycerin.


The soap lasts 2-4 months even if you use it daily!

Make sure that the soap dries completely between use. That will make it last longer. Place on a hollow soap dish for best drying effect.


The soap has no added fragrance. The tallow has a mild nutty scent and is therefore not odorless. You only get it completely odorless with chemicals and that is something we do not use.


Each soap is handmade and hand-cut. They can differ slightly in weight (48-55 grams) and appearance.


Choosing traditional handmade soap is to care for both your health and our nature.


INCI: Sodium tallowate

Tallow soap - handmade organic

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