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Swedish natural deodorant based on organic grass-fed beef tallow. Aluminum-free and alcohol-free.


Beef tallow is the basis of our skin care. A vitamin-rich fat source almost identical to human skin. Absorbed quickly and is perceived to be able to heal cracked and damaged skin effectively. It helps to restore the skin's own sebum production.


Read more about its emollient and moisturizing effect under our section ABOUT TALLOW.


Most deodorants on the market contain both aluminum and alcohol to prevent sweating and odors. We want to contribute to non-toxic skin care without metals and chemical additives and have found a efficient mix of potato flour and baking soda to work the same way.


Use the deodorant gently on damaged skin - such as after shaving. Apply a small click in dry armpit and work into your skin. Wait a few minutes before getting dressed.



Swedish beef tallow from grazing animals - moistuizing, rich in fat-solublae vitamins A, D, E and K. Also antibacterial and a natural skill of eliminating bacteria creating the odors.

Swedish organic potato starch - absorbs moisture

Organic cold-pressed virgin olive oil - moisutizing, rich in vitamins and contributes to a creamier texture

Organic baking soda - aluminum-free which helps to prevent odors

Organic essential oil - pine needle with citrus touch


INCI: Tallow, Solanum Tuberosum Starch, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate

Tallow deodorant - pine needle

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