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FACE - protective moisturizer

The face requires a little extra love. Its exposure to cold, sun, wind and air impurities requires something that protects, moisturizes and provides nutritious reconstruction. Sebum has all these properties and with its natural content of vitamin E protects it with its antioxidant ability.


We have created a whipped version of our skin cream. It is more easily applied to the face and décolleté.

It is highly personal what consistency you fall for. In this category, we have chosen to highlight the whipped. If you are extra sensitive, there is a natural with only a faint scent of tallow and olive oil. We have kept it in an unshaken form. Just as it is.


The whipped form may solidify slightly and feel grainy. It disappears as soon as you apply it. In winter with cooler conditions, it is whipped to advantage to apply.

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